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Pop Up Holistic

Holistic Wellness. Wisdom. Guidance.


Pop Up Holistic


Branding, Web & Social Media Copy


March 2020

The Project

Pop-Up Holistic is a virtual wellness hub founded by a holistic healing practitioner. The new business was in need of branding, a new website, and a comprehensive content strategy for all media. I was contracted as a freelance content strategist to provide this foundation.

Audits & Due Diligence:

The owner’s original business model was based on a diagnostic apparatus called QMRA. She planned to offer health evaluations through this device, as well as consultations based on the subsequent report. Her plan was to be mobile, partnering w/ whole food, vitamin, and holistic shops to offer quick health evaluations to their clientele, in hopes of providing further services.

Upon my due diligence, it was clear that the apparatus had many bad reviews, which could deter business. I suggested she invest in a quality device and focus on the efficacy of the science itself. The general technology overlapped with many other current holistic methods and practices.

In reviewing her resume and biography, she was highly credentialed. I suggested we make her the center of her business, as an experienced holistic practitioner who could impart guidance and wisdom. This was to be the primary value she offered in consultations, with her diagnostic device being only one of many tools she had at her disposal.

In surveying her industry, the wellness industry has been booming, with steadily increasing customer interest and sales. I created a target audience profile and a competitive audit, and concluded that educational and inspiring content is what would resonate with her curious customers seeking assistance.

Content Management:

After further conceptualizing Pop-Up Holistic’s business approach and branding, We created an overarching content strategy for all media, along with guidelines for tone, style and voice.  Content would be monetized through consultancy, so it was important to demonstrate the owner’s knowledge and extensive experience. 

We created educational content regarding all aspects of holistic wellness, establishing her as a reliable expert, and promoting her consultation services. We worked closely with a web designer to create an aesthetic that evokes a soothing, meditative, and luxurious experience. This was also part of the content guidelines for all media. 

Building Strategic Partnerships:

As Pop-Up Holistic is a hub for all holistic wellness, I created diverse content, providing information on the numerous methods available. I recommended Pop-Up Holistic partner w/ myriad local holistic practices, creating a network so that Pop-Up Holistic could make referrals, as well as receive them. Social media for Pop-Up Holistic was useful to highlight and promote other partner practices.

I created brochure content for both Pop-Up Holistic’s clientele and it’s potential partners.


I crafted eblasts, and scripted weekly webinars over the period of 3 months, which increased subscriptions, client participation, leads, and consultations (sales).

Social Media

We created the first 20 social media posts, scheduled to be published weekly, as part of an overall start-up business package.