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Norse Code Designs is a full service Web Design and Development Agency located in South Florida.

We are an experienced team of website designers, web developers, coders and copywriters dedicated to helping you conquer your market. With savvy, quality design, copy and code, we excel in our business, so you can excel in yours.

A first impression is only once! And given the fact that potential customers will only spend a few seconds browsing your site, you have a very small window to make one! A comprehensive, professional and alluring website is one of your most important promotional tools. Your website is often your first interface with your clients, and accessible to the planet 24/7 through desktop, tablet and mobile. Your clients are explorers. Give them something to see and return to!

At Norse Code Designs we center your unique voice and your customers’ interests. For this reason we highly recommend WordPress over other Content Management Systems. Unlike most other CMS platforms with generic templates, and themes that are not customizable, WordPress empowers you to reflect your unique voice, brand personality, and business needs through endless customization.

Web Design

Professional Designs From Experts

Just as a gaseous arc of stars in the sky can convey to us the massive spiral galaxy we call home, visual representation can be profound. A website is a visual representation of your brand. It signals something greater that awaits its viewer, should they choose to explore. It is a coherent system of visual communication and one of your greatest marketing tools. It is an asset and an investment in your company’s success. When done well, your return on investment (ROI) is exponential.

    How your website looks plays a critical role in the quality of your visitors’ experience. And the quality of your visitors’ experience will determine if you can turn your visitors into customers. Captivating and keeping your clients’ attention is our first priority when designing your website.

    At Norse Code Designs we combine key design elements: page layout, color, typography, graphics, photo’s and videos, with direct, persuasive language and great code. We begin to create and navigate your visual story through style tiles and a sitemap, using wireframes to build your websites blueprint, and bring your business to life. Beautifully designed, intuitive, user-friendly websites with a distinct style achieve superior results.

    When you invest in our professional website design services, you will receive a website that is:

    • Custom
    • Responsive (sometimes called mobile-friendly)
    • User friendly (with unique UI/UX design)
    • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
    • Web Speed Optimized
    • Secure (HTTPS)
    • Professionally styled
    • Up to date with design and development trends
    • Carefully structured with effective content and graphics
    • Higher in click throughs
    • Higher in sales

    Web Development

    Why Does Your Business Need a Custom-Designed website?

    Imagine arriving in awe before a glowing aurora borealis dancing through the sky, and your beautifully designed camera falters on every shot. Your clients want that shot. And they’ll find a better camera to get it if yours cannot deliver. A dynamic and alluring website is only as good as it’s ease of use. At Norse Code Designs we know beautiful design seamlessly integrates both form and function. We are experts at front-end web development, content management systems and custom integrations. Our web development team uses the latest technologies and techniques to ensure your site is optimized for a range of devices and platforms and intuitively streamlined to enhance your customers’ experience.

    When you invest in our professional web development services, you will receive a website that is:

    • Custom CSS Styling
    • Unique UI/UX design
    • Responsive Design (Mobile and Tablet friendly)
    • Plug ins or app substitutes
    • CMS
    • E-commerce functionality
    • SSL based encryption
    • SEO optimization
    • Web Speed Optimization
    • Compelling copy and graphics
    • Social Media site integration
    • Database integration


    Out in the wilderness of the world wide web, your clients are stargazing. Your job is to focus their gaze on the brilliant constellation of products and services you offer. With hallmark minimalism, your website will have simple, compelling design, high quality product or service images and descriptions, a quick check out process with numerous payment options, speed, security and an excellent user experience.

    At Norse Code Designs Ecommerce is our specialty! We understand your website is the digital face of your storefront. More than alluring, it must be phenomenal! Our goal is to help you captivate potential customers, who then can navigate your site with ease and delight, like a cruise ship through the Fjords!

    When you invest in our professional Ecommerce services, you will receive a website that has:

    • Custom CSS Styling

    • Unique UI/UX design
    • Responsive Design
    • eCommerce plug-in installation
    • Development of custom shop and product pages
    • CMS
    • SSL based encryption
    • SEO optimization
    • Web Speed Optimization
    • Copywriting pages
    • Social Media site integration
    • Database integration

    & Hosting

    After we design, build, and deploy a website, we offer ongoing website maintenance services moving forward. We love to develop lasting relationships with our clients and work with them moving forward to provide long-term solutions to see their goals come to fruition.