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Hansen Dyson Publishing

Partnership. Camaraderie. Excellence.


Hansen Dyson Publishing


Branding / Web site / Copy


December 2021

The Project

Hansen Dyson is a small hybrid publisher. The company was in need of a strong brand message, a website, and a comprehensive content strategy for all media.

Audits & Due Diligence:

After surveying the book publishing industry, We found that hybrid publishing is one of the fastest-growing business models in publishing, combining legacy and self-publishing elements. 

Despite positive commentary on the hybrid publishing business model, there has been equally negative publicity, acting as a deterrent for future customers. This is according to a target audience profile, and a survey of several organizations like The Society of Authors. The negative publicity is a result of predatory companies using the label ‘Hybrid’ to persuade authors to pay high fees for poor services. These companies, now called ‘Vanity Presses’, needed to be differentiated from legitimate hybrid publishers. The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) created a set of criteria in 2018 to enable this. 

Within Hybrid Publishing there are a few models. Hansen Dyson’s business model is one of ‘Partnership Publishing”. We conducted a competitive audit for small hybrid publishers using this model.

Results of this research were key factors in determining Hansen Dyson’s unique value position, brand message, and comprehensive content strategy going forward.

Content Management

The majority of Hansen Dyson’s target audience is seeking alternative paths to traditional publishing, as well as professional assistance. They wanted greater control and higher royalties while producing a professional product. They also seek the legitimacy a publisher provides, yet are typically unaware of the various publishing models or protocols of the publishing industry.

Hansen Dyson’s unique value position, therefore, is partnership, guidance, and excellence. The brand message is one of camaraderie and expertise, with the promise of working with skilled creatives. The brand voice is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I created all content across all media to be informative, helping future clientele to fully participate in the publishing process.

We also created blog posts, and edited author and illustrator profiles, and book synopses.

Strategic Partnerships:

Norse Code Designs have formed a strategic partnership with Hansen Dyson Publishing, as part of our business model. 

The collaboration between the two companies enables us to share resources and services and increase our visibility and clientele.

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