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About Us

Dream Factory. Worlds Apart.
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Welcome to
Norse Code Designs

We are a full service Creative Agency located in South Florida. If you are shopping for a host of professional services such as web design and development, branding and marketing, you’ll find endless agency options to choose from. From digital marketing to ad agencies, the tremendous overlap in services can blur the lines, and make deciphering the differences tedious. Who should you choose?

What differentiates Norse Code Designs from the rest of the pack is our focus on design.
We are a customer-centric, design-driven company. Designers solve problems through deeper customer engagement. Therefore our company runs on a design culture, with this ethos pollinating our entire organization. We believe that design-led is customer-led. With a relentless focus on delivering great customer experiences, we help companies capture and engage a wider audience, and build lasting relationships with their client base through strong brand identities.

Our Mission

At Norse Code Designs we start with you. Our mission is to inspire. We’ll assist you in heading for the stars with first rate service. We’ll center your company’s vision, tell your story with a clearly defined voice, and provide you with the fundamental tools you’ll need to outshine your competitors. You choose the path- we’ll light the way!

We will provide a beautifully designed, customized, intuitive, and responsive website. Your comprehensive, professional website will be informative, persuasive and stylistically appropriate.

We will create a savvy logo for the face of your enterprise, a coherent, strong brand identity, consistent winning ad copy and marketing materials, thorough market research with analytics that measure and drive results, and intelligent marketing and social media management.

Let us guide your journey through the infinite landscape of digital media and marketing. Your North Star awaits!

Our Team

At Norse Code Designs we have gathered a diverse team of talented professionals: innovative creators, remarkable graphic designers and illustrators, skilled web developers, SEO, SEM, PPC and social media specialists. Yet what we are most proud of is the incredible diversity of thought within our group that enriches our services with a global perspective. From Scandinavia to South America, our team hails from all four hemispheres, bringing with them the tapestry of multicultural imagery and experience.

They are experts in their respective fields, international in their outlook, and flexible, agile professionals in their approach and execution. Our collective talent, like the expanse from the Fjords to the Pampas, aims to tame the wild with you, and create the stuff of legends.


At Norse Code Designs, we believe strategic partnerships yield innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace, producing the best possible customer experiences.

Though we have our own dedicated and experienced team, we collaborate with many other freelancers and small design agencies, depending on the projects needs. Tapping into a greater variety of disciplines and perspectives enables us to bring our customers consistently fresh and informed content and a wider range of services.

One of our main partners is HANSEN DYSON PUBLISHING, a division of Spotlight Publishing. Hansen Dyson is a full service subsidy publisher with a strong editorial staff: editors, copyeditors, ghost writers, copywriters, as well as illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and marketing specialists for both books and business arenas. They provide a full range of print and digital media publishing services. This merger of talents is an added value to our company, and to the start-ups, entrepreneurs, established corporations and global organizations we serve.


At Norse Code Designs we serve businesses large and small. Whether you are a start-up, established business or global enterprise, our full service Creative Agency has the constellation of talent needed to create greater brand visibility, convert clicks to customers, inspire brand loyalty, and have an outsized effect on your companies bottom line.

Our structures and creative
process can be explained in
4 steps:

Creating a Strategy

Our point of departure is understanding you, your business, and your business goals. Our initial strategy session will help us to identify your mission, target audience and customer needs. Our brand audit will necessarily include thorough market research.

Market Research

We will conduct thorough market research, exploring current market trends within your marketplace, best practices and the products, services and strategies of your competitors. With clarity of purpose, and these analyses, we will then translate your brands voice and values visually.


There are several steps within the branding process. Once your brands’ personality and message has been identified, we will translate this into a logo. It is the most prominent visual mark of your brands identity, creating an intuitive and emotional connection with your target audience. Your target audience is the center of your business. We focus on them, and creating visually and emotionally compelling logos and brand identities accordingly. It is very important during this creative process to remain customer-centric. Designers or clients must put aside their personal aesthetic preferences for designs which speak directly to the customers.

Our design team will create several options and once a logo is approved, proceed to generating various marketing collateral according to your business needs, and a comprehensive, customized, professional website detailing your products and services. Once this is completed, we can set sail for content marketing: creating greater visibility and converting visitors into customers. Our design team will create several options and once a logo is approved, proceed to generating various marketing collateral according to your business needs, and a comprehensive, customized, professional website detailing your products and services. Once this is completed, we can set sail for content marketing: creating greater visibility and converting visitors into customers.


Once we’ve become experts in your business, we will drive traffic to your website and maximize online conversions through inspired and compelling copywriting and strategic content marketing. With well-crafted content, various eye catching print and media marketing collateral, increased organic SEO, and our SEO and SEM specialists assessing and expanding your companies reach, we will ensure your company captivates and converts with customer-centric messaging.


We are always looking
for great talents.

Art Director

If you think you can handle common image editing tools and create innovative UI/UX concepts, you should consider joining our creative team.

  • completed degree in digital/media design
  • 5 years practical expierence
  • professional in Photoshop, Illustrator
  • coordinating and leading a team
  • communicating with clients

Audio/Video Editor

You know how to record, edit and produce audio and video, take and edit photographs or develop extensive animations? Contact us.

  • completed degree in media editoring
  • 2 years practical expierence
  • professional in Premiere, After Effects
  • creating 2D/3D visuals and animations
  • collaborating with Art Director

PHP/JS Developer

If a computer language that other people think is from outer space is a piece of cake for you, join our Development crew.

  • completed degree in IT-technology
  • 3 years practical expierence
  • professional in PHP/JS
  • working in a team
  • coordinating with designer team

Send us your application, curriculum vitae
and your latest portfolio.